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Healthy pets are founded on the principle of preventive care. We recommend that all patients receive an annual physical examination. During physical exams we can often detect abnormalities or health concerns and address them before they progress. If a concern is noted with your pet we will recommend treatments as needed. In addition to a thorough physical exam, a wellness visit may also include lab work, vaccines, deworming and preventive supplements and medications. We offer traditional treatments as well as natural therapies through use of essential oils and other natural supplements. 




While no one likes the thought of their pet having surgery, it is sometimes needed. We use the safest and most up to date anesthetic protocols, as well as provide intensive monitoring for all of our sedated and anesthetized patients. While surgical complications can arise, we will do everything we can to ensure a safe and stress free surgical experience for you and your pet. We provide many elective and non-elective procedures, including spays, neuters/castrations, lump removal, wound repair and more. 




While our pets may not be as concerned about their smile as we humans are about ours, their dental hygiene is just as important. Poor dental health can lead to many other diseases, which may decrease the quality of life of your pet. We recommend annual oral examinations for all pets and will discuss any necessary procedures or supplements at that time. The following are some of the dentistry services we offer: small animal cleaning, polishing and extractions, equine power floating, tartar prevention diets and supplements. 



Laboratory Testing

Basic in-house laboratory testing will be available for our patients. This includes fecal exams, preventive and basic diagnostic blood testing and urinalysis. In addition, we will provide more extensive diagnostic testing through outside laboratories. 



A digital x-ray unit, capable of imaging small and large animals, is available on-site, for timely and accurate diagnosis of your pet's medical condition. 




We know this is never an easy situation to face as a pet owner. We will do everything necessary to make this process as comfortable and peaceful as possible for you and your beloved pet. We will assist you in after death care as needed. Cremation services are offered through Pet Heaven Crematory and Cemetery


Emergency Care

We know that pet emergencies are never expected, but inevitable. Emergency services are offered for all pets during regular business hours, as our schedule allows. However, we are only equipped to provide after-hours emergency care for our active large animal patients. If you have an after-hours small animal emergency, please call one of the local veterinary emergency hospitals. Emergency contact information can be found on our "Contact Us" page.